About Us

General Contractors in Hickory

At First Time Homes, we build new smart homes with payments cheaper than renting. All homes are available for financing and there are plenty of programs available for first time home buyers. We have been in the construction business since 1994, and you can trust our team of expert contractors, led by Our founder Oscar Vasquez.

Smart & Tiny Homes for Less Than Rent!

Our founder, Oscar, saw a need in the community to make the American Dream possible, and that is why he started this company in Hickory. Being an experienced general contractor and having a team of such dedicated people, we were able to create a company that can help people of all ages.

Own A Home for Less Than Rent!

We are dedicated to helping you make home-ownership possible, with payments less than rent. Purchase a home in the range of $129,000-$199,000. We own the community land and build homes, making it possible for you to achieve the American Dream of owning a home. Our homes are great for all ages! There are programs available to offer assistance in the purchase of your new home.

All of our homes are built energy efficient, helping keep costs down for you – the owner! We build smart homes, tiny homes, and even tiny smart homes!